Ivelisse Velez vs Nikki Bella

Earlier in the day in the locker room Ivelisse is looking for Nikki bella. She has a gift for her. Ivelisse smiles as she looks for Nikki high and low finally found her she is getting her make-up done. Ivelisse sneaks up behind Nikki and blasted her in the back of the head. Nikki FALLS to the concrete floor unconscious. Ivelisse turns her face up. Oh no it’s not Nikki it’s BRIE. Ivelisse laughs and says I guess I will need two flags tonight as she covers BRIE with the United States flag. Ivelisse stops by the merchandise stands jacks an American flag and heads to the ring. The fans should hate Ivelisse but for some reason they love her. They always chant badass at her as she walks to the ring. Nikki Bella attacks Ivelisse from behind throw some her into the ring apron and hits a spine BUSTER on the floor. Then rolls Ivelisse in the ring where the ref rings the bell. Nikki says you can’t jump one bella and think the other one won’t destroy you. Nikki pulls Ivelisse up and says not so tough when you can’t back attack some one as Nikki slams Ivelisse to the mat. Nikki bounces off the ropes a jumping knee to Ivelisse s face no Ivelisse rolls away. Nikki s knee bounces off the mat. Ivelisse flips to her and bang a round house KICK to Nikki s head. Nikki FALLS to the mat. Ivelisse pins Nikki. 1..2 kick out by Nikki. Ivelisse picks up Nikki and oh man a head butt to Nikki s face. What impact taking Nikki down. Ivelisse smiling as she climbs up to the top rope. Ivelisse goes for a hurricanrana but Nikki shows her great power catches her and a running power in the corner TURNBUCKLE. Ivelisse s head snaps but on impact. Ivelisse staggers out of the corner. Nikki flips to runs at Ivelisse Bella buster connects. Nikki rolls over Ivelisse hooks her leg 1..2. Ivelisse kicks out. Nikki shaking her head. Like she s not happy. Nikki picks up Ivelisse whips her against the ropes goes for a flap jack but Ivelisse jumps on Nikki s back sunset FLIP POWER BOMB connects. 1..2.. Nikki kicks out. Ivelisse Velez gets to her feet drapes Nikki throat first over the middle ROPE HOLY crap. Ivelisse with a 619 no Nikki grabs Ivelisse gets to her feet Ivelisse on her shoulders rack attack 2. No a unique pinning combination by Ivelisse 1..2.. Nikki kicks out. Ivelisse bounces off the ropes bang a huge FOREARM to Ivelisse. Ivelisse is out cold as Nikki picks up Ivelisse goes for the RACK ATTACK 2 and Ivelisse lands on her feet. Nikki has no idea. As she turns AROUND Ivelisse kicks Nikki below the belt and kisses Nikki on the cheek before hitting the package pile driver. Ivelisse puts her foot on Nikki s chest as the ref counts 1..2..3.. Ivelisse Velez wins holds up the United States flag and title. She covers her fallen victim Nikki bella with the US flag. The crowd loves this bada$$ chick Ivelisse Velez grabs a microphone. I’m the best woman on the roster everyone knows it. I’m the toughest chick on the roster and I’m the baddest bi*** on the roster no one can hold a candle to me in this ring. Out comes the boss Sasha Banks. Sasha gets a nice reaction. She says no one really Ivelisse? I think you have forgot why they call me the boss. That’s my ring I’m the best….. Ivelisse laughs and says I know where this is going you want a match against me next week. You got it and I’m so confident I can beat your litte a$$ I will put my United States championship on the line. Sasha says that was easy. Almost as easy as next week when I take that championship from you. Ivelisse says bring your best b****. You will need it


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