Alexa Bliss vs Ivelisse Velez

Backstage interview with Alexa Bliss. Renee Young asked Alexa you have a tough road the next month or so. The gm. Said you weren’t in the top 5 women on the roster what do you think about that? Alexa says not in the top 5 I am number I hold the top prize in the business. Everyone else wants this belt but aren’t good enough to take it. Renee asked you say no one can take it from you but what do you think of your opponent tonight the United States champion Ivelisse Velez? Alexa says Ivelisse all she is…… Ivelisse walks up behind Alexa and slaps her on the butt. Alexa Bliss jumps and turns around and says you do you think your are…. as Alexa realises it’s Ivelisse and looks a little scared. Ivelisse says don’t be scared Alexa I won’t destroy here. Because I want that as she touches Alexa s world championship. Alexa says I’m not scared of you. Your not in my league. Ivelisse reaches down grabs the American flag out of her boot and says I hope your ready to take a nice nap in the middle if the ring tonight. And at the royal rumble that will be my championship. Alexa Bliss says whatever and heads to the ring and looks scared to death as she comes to the ring. Ivelisse s music hits and walks to the ring. The fans chanting badass badass. They for some reason love Ivelisse Velez. Ivelisse gets in the ring and Alexa Bliss jumps her in the corner with FOREARM s and kick s. Ding ding… Ivelisse pushes Alexa to her butt. Ivelisse hits a basement drop KICK to Alexa s face. Ivelisse picks up Alexa take a her over to the corner and bounces Alexa s head off the top TURNBUCKLE 5 times. Alexa goes to a knee. Ivelisse grabs Alexa Bliss by the hair goes to the top rope sits on it oh tornado ddt. No Alexa Bliss pulls Ivelisse off the top rope. Alexa grabs Ivelisse reverse sto takes down Ivelisse. Alexa screaming I am the world champion not you. You are a second rate wrestler and a second rate champion. Ivelisse kips up. Standing hurricanrana by Ivelisse sends Alexa throat first into the middle ROPE. Alexa grabbing at her throat turns around and gets taken down with a super kick to the throat. Alexa Bliss is in deep trouble as Ivelisse bounces off the ropes and downs a knee across Alexa s throat. Ivelisse is pissed. Second rate wrestler right back at you bi***. As Ivelisse picks up Alexa goes behind Alexa Bliss rear NAKED CHOKE. Alexa struggling trying to get free. Ivelisse ratchets up the submission. ALEXA bliss turning blue and taps out to the United States champion. Ivelisse Velez leaves the hold on until Alexa Bliss is completely under. Ivelisse is now in the world championship match at royal rumble. That may be the end of Alexa bliss world championship title reign. Ivelisse covers Alexa Bliss with the American flag and holds up both championship s. Then Ivelisse drops the world championship on Alexa s face and leaves to badass badass chants. Alexa better get ready for next week as she will face Trish Stratus if Trish wins she will also be in the world championship match at royal rumble. 




3 thoughts on “Alexa Bliss vs Ivelisse Velez

  1. Miss Bliss had no chance in hell against the baddest. If the title match becomes a triple threat, that will be her best chance to retain as then she doesn’t have to beat Ivelisse.

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