Trish Stratus vs Melina

Trish Stratus comes out first the world champion to a monster pop as the norm. She gets in the ring and Melina s music she comes to the ring and stop mid ramp. And has a microphone she says are you ready Trish to tap OUT for the third time. That one comment triggered Trish Stratus. She gets out of the ring charges Melina and hits air Canada in the ramp. Trish pick s up Melina hits a ddt on the ramp. Melina might be out. As the ref pulling Trish off of Melina who is motionless. The ref calling for the doctor. Trish screaming come on ref she’s fine let’s go. The doctor gets to Melina check on her Trish turns her back and Melina gets to her feet throws the doctor into Trish. Knocking her down. Melina says come ref as Melina grabs Trish throws her in the ring the ref rings the bell. Melina PULLS Trish up and Trish hits a huge FOREARM and Melina goes to knee. Trish goes for a power bomb but Melina hits a back drop. Melina bounces off the ropes spear absolutely not eats a DROP KICK right in the mouth. Trish hits the ropes big boot right to Melina s face.  Trish drags Melina to the corner and begins smashing Melina s face into the top TURNBUCKLE ten time . Trish hops on to the top rope as Melina lays in the ring. Trish diving head butt misses. Melina gets up slow as her mouth has begin busted open. Melina charges Trish spear cuts Trish in half. Melina gets up stalking Trish Stratus kicks Trish in the gut no Trish catches it and chick kick connects Melina falls to the mat. Trish picks up Melina and screams this is for Lita twist of fate connects. Melina is down and Trish climbs to the top rope moonsault DELIVERED perfectly. Trish crushes Melina s ribs. Trish picks up Melina and puts Melina away with a stratusfaction 1..2..3.. Trish Stratus wins finally getting some revenge on Melina . Trish hand is raised in victory and looks into the camera that was for my bestie Lita. Trish leaves the ring holding up her world championship to a huge reaction as Melina is in the ring out cold.



7 thoughts on “Trish Stratus vs Melina

      1. It’s highly possible. Melina may just be under Trish’s skin and have her a little rattled. Trish hasn’t found a way to beat Melina yet and it might be eating away at her. We shall see.

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  1. Trish finally overcomes Melina in a hard hitting bout. That may be it for Trish and Melina for now but I’m sure down the line they’ll face off again.

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