Trish Stratus vs Aksana

Trish Stratus backstage walking to the ring… And she is stopped by Asuka. Asuka eye to eye with Trish just winks and  cleans a path for Trish to walk on by. Trish looks at Asuka and walks backwards to the curtain. And then comes out to a thunderous ovation and she gets in the ring and she’s all business waiting on this woman. Aksana comes out to a mixed reaction flaunting her sexy body to the crowd and gets in the ring and charges Trish before the bell rings spine BUSTER connects. The ref rings the bell ding ding… Trish lifts up Aksana whips her against the ropes and Trish Stratus with a beautiful drop KICK floors Aksana again. Aksana rolls out of the ring and is regrouping and slowly gets back in the ring ring. She ducks a CLOTHESLINE from Trish and goes for one of her own but the ma Trish avoids contact. Trish hits a beautiful neck BREAKER on Aksana. Aksana rolls out of the ring again. This time Trish not letting Aksana regroup climbs to the top rope and a flying cross body connects to Aksana no Aksana catches her and hits an unreal fall away SLAM against the barricade. Trish holding her back as she pulls herself up. Aksana wham running knee right to the side of Trish s face. Trish collapses against the barricade. The ref count is at 7.. Aksana rolls in the ring and right back out to restart the count. She picks up Trish and rams her back first against the barricade numerous times. Aksana then spins Trish around goes to ram Trish back first into the ring apron. Trish  moves and Aksana goes head first into the side of the ring. Trish slow to her feet bend over holding her back picks up Aksana rolls her in the ring. Trish steps through the ropes and Aksana kicks Trish in gut and flips to her feet. Grabs Trish putting her on her shoulders running power SLAM and it connects. Aksana pins Trish 1..2 Trish kicks out. Aksana picks up Trish who tries to fight back with a few forearms and Aksana hits a knee lift to the ribs of Trish and then WHIPS HER into the corner RUNNING drop KICK CONNECTS. Trish falls to her face. Aksana picks up Trish and tries to put her in the tree of woe. A series of back elbows to the face of Aksana stops that. Trish from the middle ROPE a beautiful jumping thrust KICK to Aksana s face. Aksana goes down. Trish slow into the cover. 1..2 Aksana kicks out. Trish lifts up Aksana and chick KICK CONNECTS. Trish Stratus picks up Aksana again and a stratusfaction connects. Trish Stratus pins Aksana 1..2..3.. Trish Stratus the world champion is victorious. Once she turned the match around Aksana stood no chance on this night Trish reigns supreme. She raises up her championship and then Asuka comes out gets in the ring and grabs the championship from Trish Stratus. And Trish Stratus goes for a chick kick Asuka ducks it and blasted Trish in the face with her own championship knocking her out. Asuka holds up Trish s world championship over an unconscious Trish. I just got word these two women will go one on one next time. Should be great one. Good night everyone.



6 thoughts on “Trish Stratus vs Aksana

  1. Cool match. I may be in the minority but I always rather enjoyed Aksana in action. She was no ring general but played her character well and was sexy as hell. I would have loved to have seen her become much more manipulative, having men wrapped around her little finger. This could also be a great role for Lana if they split her and Rusev on TV.

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      1. I think the biggest problem for Aksana was similar to the problem Summer Rae currently has, bad booking. WWE have always made them both lose all the time which kills interest in them. Maryse was never a great wrestler either but like Aksana played her character well. More importantly she was booked to win matches which kept her in the limelight and made her more important.

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