Trish Stratus vs Asuka

Backstage Asuka is with charly Caruso. WHO asked her what do you think your chances are against Trish Stratus the world champion tonight and are you worried about the mood she could be in after last week? Asuka smiles and says 100 percent stratusfaction falls. And walks to the ring. Trish Stratus comes out first not her smiling happy self instead stone face and is ready for revenge after last week. Asuka music hits and she comes out as happy as can be smile from ear to ear. She tries to get in the ring but Trish won’t let her until the ref holds her back until Asuka gets into the ring and rings the bell…. DING ding… Trish comes at Asuka with forearms and sends Asuka off the ropes and Trish goes for a back body drop but Asuka flips over to her feet. Grabs Trish from behind Asuka LOCK no Trish sends Asuka flying over her head. Trish grabs Asuka whips her into the corner. Asuka bounces back out quickly and hits a beautiful spin kick to Trish s face sends Trish down. Asuka picks up Trish kicks to the back of Trish s legs. Trish goes to both knees Asuka bounces off the ropes butt attack no Trish ma trish avoids it. Sweeps Asuka s legs out from under her and mounts Asuka goes for a series of right hand s but Asuka quickly kicks her off. Asuka kips up and Trish decks her back down with a brutal CLOTHESLINE. Trish picks up Asuka whips Asuka against the ropes Asuka comes back and Trish plants her with a spine BUSTER. Trish covers Asuka 1..2 Asuka kicks out. Asuka using the ropes to pull herself up. Trish grabs Asuka oh man a jumping thrust KICK to Trish s chest sending Trish to her back. Asuka now waiting on Trish to get to her knees and kick to the chest and another one and a third one a fourth one. Asuka loads up and bang kick to Trish s head no Trish rolls Asuka up no count as Asuka flips through then kicks Trish right in the face. Trish falls face first to the mat. Asuka not going for the pin instead lifts up Trish goes behind Trish goes for the Asuka LOCK and locks it in deep. Trish Stratus is in trouble she struggling and somehow makes it to the ropes. Asuka breaks the submission at a count of 4. She the pulls Trish back to the middle of the ring goes for Asuka LOCK again but Trish stops it has a head butt and a stunner. Asuka wobbly as she gets to her feet. Trish charges Asuka hits a beautiful head scissors take over. Asuka sent into the corner. Trish goes for a big splash misses as Asuka moves. Trish bounce s face first off the top TURNBUCKLE and comes out of the corner. Asuka with a karate kick to Trish s face. Trish is down Asuka pins Trish 1..2. Trish kicks out. Asuka smiling as she looks at Trish down on the mat. Asuka pulls Trish up by the hair whips her into the ropes no Trish stops and chick kick to Asuka s face. Asuka is down as Trish hooks the leg 1..2..kick out by Asuka. Trish drags Asuka to the middle of the ring SHARPSHOOTER time no Asuka kicks Trish against the ropes. Trish comes back at Asuka ROUND house KICK to Trish Stratus no Trish ducks under spins Asuka around and a spinning back fist to Trish s face. Asuka grabs her before she falls and bang beautiful round house KICK taking Trish s head off. Trish goes down hard. Asuka not going for the pin instead picks up Trish to her knees and bounces off the ropes and oh man a soccer kick to Trish s beautiful face. Trish falls to her face. Asuka rolls Trish over hooks the leg  1..2..3 no Trish kicks out Asuka not smiling now waste little time picks Trish Stratus up whips Trish against the ropes a beautiful jumping spinning heel kick but it misses as Trish moves Asuka gets up and bang chick kick number 2 connects. Asuka is down Trish covers her 1..2..3.. Trish Stratus somehow someway pulls out the win over Asuka tonight. The world champion reign SUPREME Trish Stratus barely can stand holds up the world championship to a thunderous applause. The show ends with Trish s next OPPONENT being announced it will be Trish vs Maryse next time. See you later .



6 thoughts on “Trish Stratus vs Asuka

  1. Asuka is seriously dangerous and on another night may have got the job done. Looking forward to Trish vs Maryse, when is Candice vs Taeler happening though?

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