Ivelisse Velez vs who next time poll


13 thoughts on “Ivelisse Velez vs who next time poll

  1. Kelly is the last person who should face Ivelisse unless it’s a squash match. The most badass woman on the roster against the most useless.


    1. Just because you don’t like her didn’t mean she’s useless. And this is a fantasy so Kelly can be the most dominant. It’s safe to say you are very one sided person


      1. Not really, I did have Kelly as a champion on my page after all. With the way Ivelisse has been built up as possibly the toughest woman on the roster I just wouldn’t buy Kelly facing her in any scenario other than a squash or a handicap match with the odds stacked in Kelly’s favour. It might even be safe to say that you are the one sided person as you constantly look for Kelly to be pushed.

        Some ideas would be Ivelisse vs Catrina (unfinished business from Lucha Underground), Ivelisse vs Taeler Hendrix (possibly building momentum for Taeler before she faces Trish), or Ivelisse vs Kaitlyn (technique vs strength).

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  2. If you want Kelly Kelly to be a badass, make her one on your page. If Sportsmusicwomen wants to do it, that’s his choice to make and I’ll still read the story. I don’t believe you are in a position to tell me what I get and don’t get however. Also, I have the right to my opinion which is that fantasy or not, I could never buy Kelly as tough or strong or any kind of threat in a fair fight.

    Just out of curiosity what is it you like about Kelly? I’m not being facetious, I’m genuinely asking what you think her best qualities are as you see something special in her.


    1. Kelly is on the a few women that left wee before they could fully develop and become something and in these fantasy it’s a chance to see it happen. And it is his choice


      1. I respect your opinion but in my opinion she was there for six years and still couldn’t even run the ropes by the time she was released. Some people just don’t have what it takes and being a pretty face isn’t enough. For me she was just too bland to care about, but the fans liked her for some reason so she got a push.


  3. Candice Michelle improved faster in a shorter space of time as did Eve Torres. Taryn Terrell I thought even looked better in the ring than Kelly and she was in WWE for about the length of a cup of coffee. Running the ropes has to be the most basic thing you can do in the ring, hell it’s one of the first things you learn to do.

    I realise I’m in the minority as more people like Kelly than dislike her and I don’t want to hijack this thread by turning it into a Kelly Kelly debate. I just feel that even for the purposes of a fantasy feud being a badass or a tough girl doesn’t suit her. She would be much better suited being a cowardly heel using sneaky tactics or the underdog.


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