Trish Stratus world championship open challenge


Trish Stratus the world champion backstage stretching before her title match against the woman she faced at Wrestlemaina Naomi. Naomi walks up to Trish and says may the best woman win tonight. As Naomi offers her hand to Trish the lights go off and we hear a couple of screams and moans. The lights come back on and Trish and Naomi and down motionless. Then Ivelisse Velez and Catrina come in to the picture. Ivelisse pulls out the United States flag puts it on top of Naomi and puts her foot on Naomi s booty. Catrina crawling on top of the unconscious world champion and says the baddest bi*** in the building and the queen of death are on top to stay that means Trish Stratus your championship reign will soon end as she gives the lick of death to Trish Stratus and drops her unconscious head to the concrete floor. Catrina and Ivelisse stand tall and says we are the best. We will prove it tonight you all want a match you will get it. Ivelisse says it will be Catrina vs anyone who has the guts to face her one on one. Catrina smiles lights go out and Catrina appears in the ring and waits. She doesn’t have to wait long as the music of Bayley hits and she comes out to the ring. She gets in the ring and the bell sounds… DING ding… Bayley wants to lock up with Catrina. Catrina doesn’t seem to impressed at she stand with her arms crossed. Bayley yells come on lock up. Catrina stone faced she’s not even looking at Bayley anymore. Bayley slaps Catrina. Catrina with a sick smile on her face blocks a second slap from Bayley. Decks Bayley with a right hand. Bayley crawls to the corner and is met with a running knee to the face. Bayley collapses to her butt in the corner. Catrina grabs both of Bayley s feet and pulls her up and a beautiful sit down POWER BOMB by Catrina. Catrina not going for the cover instead puts Bayley throat first over the middle ROPE and begins choking her the ref counts to 4 and Catrina breaks the choke but she goes right back to it again. The ref pulls her off at 4 again. Catrina smiles as Bayley falls to the mat looking up. Catrina pulls her up by the hair and puts her on her shoulders and says death valley driver connects Bayley down she has been dominated so far. Catrina pulls up Bayley whips her against the ropes big right hand to Bayley s jaw. She goes down tears running down her face as Catrina just broke her jaw with that right hand. Catrina looks at the fans and says Trish Stratus this will soon be you. Catrina locks in the Dragon sleeper. Bayley TAPS OUT in moments. Catrina doesn’t let go until she put Bayley to sleep. She gives Bayley the lick of death then the ref raises her hand. Catrina then grabs a microphone. She asked Ivelisse Velez where are you? Did our plan to take out all the women work. Taeler Hendrix being rolled out on stretcher. The doctor s are says she has a severe neck injury. She may not ever wrestle again as they load her into the ambulance. They speed away and in the ring Catrina smiling from ear to ear. Looks like the number one CONTENDER is out for good. Trish Stratus that means your calendar is open and Sunday at money in the bank the world championship will be right here. The lights go out as the show ends. Next matches will be Ivelisse vs Naomi United States championship, Trish Stratus vs Catrina world championship and a 6 women money in the bank match ladder match. Comment who should be in it and who should win each match. 



30 thoughts on “Trish Stratus world championship open challenge

  1. I quite like the list of possible opponents for Trish. Some other ideas are Alexa Bliss, Becky Lynch, Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, Ember Moon, Taryn Terrell, Sable, Summer Rae.

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  2. I like where this is going. Trish could be in some real trouble against a very dominant looking Catrina and I love her dragon sleeper finisher. If she manages to lock it in, goodnight Trish.

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  3. I would say 60 % after the attack Trish might be weakened and Ivelisse could show up.

    If Trish retains would like to see Maryse win MITB. That was Trish would have to face Maryse on her schedule. Not sure if Catrina becomes champion.

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