Trish Stratus vs Catrina world championship match


Trish Stratus backstage with Charly Caruso. Charly asked Trish how she is feeling going into her championship match with Catrina? Trish says I’m one hundred percent something Catrina can’t say after our match. She will get a lethal dose of stratusfaction. Trish walks toward the ring her music hits and she comes out huge pop as normal. She gets in the ring holds up her championship and motions toward the ramp just bring it. The lights go out and Catrina walks to the ring slowly in all black smoke surrounding her as she walks down the ramp STOPS at ringside holds up the stone OF death and says Trish you are about to die. She slides in the ring. Trish kicks the stone out of her hand and it goes half way up the ramp. Ding ding. As Trish lights up Catrina with chop s and a big forearm forces Catrina into the corner. Trish goes to pick up Catrina and put her on the top. Catrina stops it and hits a front SUPLEX on Trish hanging her on the top rope gut first. Trish just hanging there until Catrina flip s Trish over the top rope her back it’s the apron and lands face first on the mat outside the ring. Catrina goes out of the ring walks up the ramp picks up the stone of death and holds it up. Lights go out. Lights come back on Trish Stratus in the ring laid out. Catrina crawling on top of Trish Stratus goes for the lick of death. Trish head butt to Catrina then another one. Trish gets up as Catrina turns AROUND a kick to the gut by Trish and a vertical SUPLEX connects on Catrina. Trish building momentum as Catrina gets to her feet Trish takes her right back down with a swinging neck BREAKER. Trish goes for the pin.. 1.. Catrina kicks out. Trish climbs to the top as Catrina staggers to her feet missile drop kick by Trish takes down Catrina. Trish drags Catrina to the MIDDLE of the ring goes for the pin 1.. Catrina kicks out. Trish stalking Catrina chick kick connects 1..2..  Catrina powers out of Trish s finisher. Trish looks a little stunned. Trish picks up Catrina. Catrina hits a knee lift to Trish s gut then a goes for a falcon s arrow and hits it Straight into the pin 1..2  Trish kicks out. Catrina tries to lock in a head lock on Trish but Trish fighting it gets to her feet pushes Catrina off the ropes comes back at Trish and Trish hits a flap jack. Catrina face first into the mat. Trish kips to her feet lifts up Catrina eye rack by Catrina then a double arm ddt on Trish Stratus. Catrina goes out of the ring grabs the stone of death she is stalking Trish Stratus. She gets to her FEET. Catrina bang a chick kick to the face of Catrina out of nowhere. Trish Stratus picks up Catrina goes for the stratusfaction and she hits it. Trish hooks Catrina s leg 1..2..3.. Trish Stratus statement win over a very dark Catrina but she was no match for Trish tonight. Trish holds up the world championship… the lights go out and comes back on Catrina is gone Ivelisse Velez is in the ring with Trish. Ivelisse hits a spin kick to Trish s gut. Trish vents over and Ivelisse hops on Trish s back sunset FLIP POWER BOMB by Ivelisse. Ivelisse screaming I’m the baddest b**** in the building it about time I get a world championship shot so next week what do you say as she holds up Trish s face and Trish says your on. Ivelisse picks up Trish Stratus package pile driver knocked out the champion. Ivelisse stands tall with Trish s world championship in hand. 


40 thoughts on “Trish Stratus vs Catrina world championship match

  1. Really strong showing from Trish, I thought Catrina would have been a tougher test. One thing’s for sure, Ivelisse definitely will be as she has been unstoppable. I think Trish will get beaten badly by the most dominant woman on the roster.

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  2. Ivelisse wins thanks to Catrina interfering when the lights go out.

    Kelsea has Carrie vs Trish next not sure beyond that. Carrie shouldn’t win any titles as long as she’s Kelsea’s bitch.

    Robbie challenges Brandi for Sexist woman on A&E. I say Robbie wins that.

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