Melina vs Kelly Kelly


Kelly in the backstage preparing for her debut. She walks into the locker room as Melina was walking out. Melina just laughs at Kelly as she bumps her and walks to the ring with her fan favourite championship. Kelly gives Melina an evil eye walks into the lock room makes two phone calls and said no one will ever laugh at me again. It’s time to get extreme.

Camera switches to the ring out comes Melina to a mix reaction men love her women no so much. She gets in the ring with her fan favourite championship in hand. Then Kelly Kelly music hits she comes out with a microphone. She says. Melina your about to be the first victim of the best keep secret faction of all time. As kelly gets up on the ring apron and says extreme expose Brooke Adams and layla come up from under the ring with a kendo stick and a trash can. Kelly reaches in her boot pulls out a taser. Melina has her belt in hand. Kelly motions to get her. All three enter the ring. Kelly dodges Melina s belt shot. LAYLA lights up the back of Melina with 3 kendo stick shots to her back. Brooke pulls Melina up and says kelly zap her. Kelly tasers Melina to her sexy stomach. Melina is in shock drops to her knees Kelly hits a k2 to Melina. Knocking her out. Brooke then picks up Melina and puts her In the trash can. Kelly grabs a microphone. And says who’s laughing now. Brooke and LAYLA bust out laughing. Kelly says extreme expose is here to wrong all the rights. Your favorites s will fall one by one at her feet. Kelly pushes Melina over in the trash can and laughs to end the segment.



23 thoughts on “Melina vs Kelly Kelly

      1. I would say Melina vs Layla first, then Brooke if she wins with Kelly isolated last if it pans out that way. I like the angle you have set up and can’t wait to see what you do with it either way.

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