World championship open challenge Trish Stratus vs Ivelisse Velez and Trish Stratus vs liv Morgan


DING ding… Trish Stratus open challenge has been accepted by none other then the United States champion Ivelisse Velez. Ivelisse comes out first to her signature your a bada$$ chants from the crowd. She’s loving it gets in the ring holds up the United States championship and the American flag high as Trish Stratus music hits to a huge pop. Trish walks to the ring world championship on her shoulder gets in the ring points to the crowd then raises the world championship high. The ref takes the world championship and holds it up. As Ivelisse and Trish face off the bell rings. Ding ding… Lights go out and on the big screen Catrina appears and she says, Ivelisse did you forget about me? I was your best friend until you turned your back on me and you put me out of action what you thought was for good. But you forgot one thing. I’m not human I am a God. You will pay for what you did to me in more ways then one. Catrina disappears off the big screen and the lights come back on Catrina is in the ring with Ivelisse in her hands unconscious with the rock of death raised high. Catrina screams oh how the mighty has fallen drops her on the mat and gives her the lick of death as Trish Stratus the world champion watches on from ringside. Catrina grabs Ivelisse s US champion RAISES it over the unconscious champion and she covers Ivelisse with the American flag. Mocking what Ivelisse Velez does to her opponents. Catrina looks at Trish Stratus and says your welcome Trish. Lights go out again and come back on in a few seconds. Ivelisse Velez still in the ring getting medical help from the doctors. They put her on the stretcher and wheel her out. Medical update coming later on the US champion. Trish Stratus gets back in the ring and says that was a bunch of hocus pocus. But I don’t care about what just happen I will let Ivelisse and Catrina settle their business by themselves. As for tonight goes I still have an open challenge for my world championship to anyone in the back please come on down bring your best you will need it to have a slight chance of putting up any fight tonight. So who will it be…..

Liv Morgan making her debut in this open challenge for the world championship against Trish Stratus. Liv has a chance to become the top woman in the company after one match if she pulls this off. Trish Stratus walks up to liv Morgan shakes her hand and says good luck. Liv smiles and the ref rings the bell ding ding… Trish takes Liv down with a CLOTHESLINE. Liv quickly back up to their feet. Deep arm drag by Trish sends Liv into the corner TURNBUCKLE. Trish charges Liv big splash no Liv hits a huge back elbow to Trish s face. Trish goes to a knee Liv lifts up Trish hits a nice head scissors using the top rope. Sends Trish flying to the middle of the ring. Liv measuring Trish as she gets to her knees Liv with a shining wizard no Trish ducks it. Liv lands on her knees as she misses. Trish kips up Liv gets to her feet Trish grabs her and hits a nice side back breaker. Trish goes for a quick pin 1.. Liv kicks out. Trish picks up Liv whips her into the ropes Liv comes back Trish with a spine BUSTER absolutely great counter by Liv into a jumping ddt plants Trish Stratus on her face. Liv flips Trish over and motions she’s climbing to the top gets to the top rope and holy crap shooting star press by Liv comes up empty as Trish rolls out of the way just in time. Trish gets to her feet and picks up Liv on her shoulders Liv looks completely limp puts her on the top rope goes for the STRATUSPHERE and she hits it. Liv lands on her back. Looks completely knocked out. Trish Stratus picks up Liv to her feet stratusfaction oh sweet roll up by Liv 1..2..Trish Stratus kicks out. Liv almost caught the champion sleeping. Trish gets to her feet quickly Liv on her knees chick kick caught by Liv but Trish hits a sweet enzuigiri with her other foot. Liv fall s flat on her face. Trish not very happy as she knows she should have ended this already. Trish pulls Liv up says nice try rookie as she goes for the stratusfaction and Trish hits it. Trish flips over Liv 1..2..3.. Trish Stratus retains her world championship as she holds up her world championship. She looks down at Liv who is starting to move. Trish puts her title down and helps Liv get to her feet. Gives Liv a hand shake and says one day kid you got it. Holds up Liv Morgan s hand and Liv falls against the ropes as Trish gets her title and leaves the ring as Liv watches Trish walk up the ramp. Liv with a little smile on her face as Trish looks back at Liv. Trish nods her head and disappears behind the curtain. Liv chants as the show ends. 


12 thoughts on “World championship open challenge Trish Stratus vs Ivelisse Velez and Trish Stratus vs liv Morgan

  1. I like the storyline, Ivelisse vs Catrina sounds like an amazing feud. Trish should beat Liv but I hope it’s a good match between them. Trish always brings out the best in her opponents.

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      1. I’m leaning towards Catrina. Ivelisse has been dominant but everyone has to lose eventually and even the best have opponents that just seem to have their number.

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      2. Catrina is an interesting character. If anyone can get Ivelisse off of her game it might be Catrina. But then again Ivelisse is probably the most dangerous woman on the roster


  2. Great little match. Liv did really well in her debut match and looks like she earned Trish’s respect. Good effort but it proved to be far too soon for a title shot.

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