Charlotte vs Hamada

Charlotte walks out to a mix reaction. Stop on the top of the ramp spins around with her beautiful robe and has a MIC. She says Hamada you cost me the world championship. I had Trish Stratus beat. You then attacked me after the match to try and put me on the shelf. Unfortunately for you I am genetically superior to every woman on the roster. I give you props you know you had to try and take me out for to rise up the rankings. Your smarter than you look. To bad you came up short. TONIGHT I won’t come up short. I will destroy you Hamada and get Another shot at the world championship. Charlotte drops the Mic gets in the ring as Hamada s music hits and she comes out to a loud hostile crowd. She walks to the ring steps through the ropes and the fight is on ding ding…. Charlotte mauling Hamada against the ropes. Then hits Hamada with a series of knee lifts to the gut of Hamada. Followed up by one to the chin of Hamada the force sends Hamada out of the ring but somehow lands on her feet. Charlotte grabs the ropes goes fora slingshot cross body to the outside of the ring. Hamada side steps it and kicks a falling Charlotte right between the eyes. Hamada licking her lips as Charlotte gets to her knees holding her chin. Hamada with a knee strike right to mouth of Charlotte falls to her back. Hamada hops to the ring apron and a springboard moonsault off th d second rope and crashes Down on the chest of Charlotte. Charlotte lets a huge moan as Hamada gets to her feet. Hamada picks up Charlotte rolls her back in the ring. Hamada circling Charlotte as Charlotte struggles to get to her feet. Hamada from behind goes for a rear NAKED CHOKE but Charlotte grabs Hamada s arm and throws Hamada over her head. Hamada crashes to her back. Charlotte with a jumping leg DROP to the chest of Hamada. Charlotte slow into the cover 1.. Hamada kicks out. Hamada gets to her feet first and hits a beautiful spin kick to Charlotte gut. Charlotte doubled over as Hamada bounces off the rope bam huge big boot from Charlotte takes Hamada. Charlotte pulls Hamada up begins lighting up her chest with chops and a whip to Hamada. Charlotte follows her into the corner another big boot no Hamada ducks it. Charlotte foot gets hung up on the top rope. Hamada kicks Charlotte in the hamstring 4 times before her foot gets free. Charlotte falls to her back holding her leg. Hamada drags Charlotte over to the bottom rope and bang stomps in her hamstring again. Charlotte screams oh. Hamada says oh don’t you mean woooooo b**** your genetically superior to me. Hamada laughs as she picks up Charlotte and a falcon arrow perfectly delivered. Hamada jumps to the top rope and goes for a moonsault and she hits it. Hamada pins Charlotte 1..2.. kick out by Charlotte. Hamada kips up grabs Charlotte s leg and says time for a taste of your own medicine oh boy figure four by Charlotte no small package 1..2..Hamada just kicked gets to feet and bang karate kick to the side of Charlotte s head. Charlotte crumbles to the mat. Hamada picks up Charlotte screams genetically superior my a$$ Hamada driver connects hooks Charlotte s leg 1..2..3.. Hamada wins. She dominated Charlotte on this night. Hamada gets her hand raised but not celebrating instead slides out of the ring grabs a chair and slides back in the ring and oh my goodness she just hits Charlotte s leg over and over again. Charlotte screaming in pain every time then Hamada puts Charlotte leg in the chair stomps on it. That can’t be good looked really bad. Charlotte screams in pain and then Hamada walks over to Charlotte s face. With the chair in hand looks down at Charlotte and says don’t ever forget this night Charlotte. The night that Hamada ended your career puts the chair around her NECK. What is this Trish Stratus music hits she comings running down the ramp with a steel chair of her own. Hamada bails out of the ring as Trish gets the chair off of Charlotte s neck. Helps her to a sitting position calling for the medical team. Why is Trish helping Charlotte. The medical team get Charlotte in the back board. Charlotte looks at Trish and in tons of pain why did you help me? Trish says because you are young and talented. You have great potential. Didn’t want to have your career ended before you even got started. Charlotte looks at Trish with tears running down her face. She says Thank you. Much respect gained says Charlotte. Trish shakes Charlotte s hand and Trish says get back soon. Charlotte lets out a little smile as they pick her up and carry her out of the ring. Trish in the ring to end the show to Trish chants. Injury report on Charlotte is good no structural damage. Really luck and should be back in a few weeks.


19 thoughts on “Charlotte vs Hamada

  1. Cool match. If Trish manages to overcome Paige I think she better worry about Hamada taking not just her title, but possibly her health as well. I really hope Trish manages to kick Hamada’s ass though.

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  2. If Trish can hang on to the belt, Hamada has to be up for a shot soon. Ivelisse has dominated so she would also be a candidate along with Catrina who so far is the only person to lay out Ivelisse. Wilcard pick, how about Emma?

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  3. Hamada proved to be genetically superior tonight! Trish better watch out, Hamada already wants the world title without, Trish trying to pick a fight with her. Not to mention Trish needs to focus on Paige for Summerslam and she also has Alexa Bliss coming up. Trish maybe putting to much on her plate.

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