Fan favourite championship number one CONTENDER s match Candice Michelle vs LAYLA

Melina the fan favourite champion on commentary as the winner will face her at summerslam ppv in a week.

Out first is Candice Michelle. Gets a very warm reaction from the fans. She gets up on the apron and takes her jacket off huge pop from the men in the audience. She gets in the ring and awaits the entrance of her opponent. Here comes LAYLA and she’s not alone Michelle McCool is with her team flawless marching to the ring. LAYLA whispers in Michelle s ear before getting in the ring. LAYLA walks up the steps and Michelle circles the ring to the other side gets up on the apron. Michelle gets in the ring but gets taken right back out by Candice sweet drop KICK. Michelle falls to the floor. From behind LAYLA grabs Candice by the hair but Candice gets free with three elbows to LAYLA s gut. The ref rings the bell ding ding… Candice grabs LAYLA by the arm whips her against the LAYLA comes back flapjack connects as LAYLA eats the mat on that one. LAYLA trying to crawl out of the ring but Candice grabs her by the foot and LAYLA uses the ropes to get to a standing position goes for an enzuigiri but Candice ducks it. Candice grabs both of LAYLA s arms candy wrapper no Michelle from the outside of the ring pulls LAYLA out. Candice not having any of it bounces off the ropes full speed suicide dive LAYLA pulls Michelle in the line of fire. Candice takes out Michelle but now LAYLA laying the boots to Candice outside the ring. The ref counts begins. 1… LAYLA picks up Candice dives her back first into the barricade twice and the ring apron twice. LAYLA then throws Candice into the ring at the count of 6. LAYLA turns to Michelle helps her up. Michelle pushes LAYLA away and screaming what did you do that for. LAYLA trying to claim Michelle down. As the refs count is at 9 LAYLA slides into the ring no Michelle grabs her by the foot and sling her to the floor as the ref count hits 10 your winner by count out Candice Michelle will face Melina at summer SLAM for the fan favourite championship. But right now all eyes on LAYLA as she is shocked Michelle just costed her this match. Her mouth wide open like what the heck. Michelle McCool bang huge big boot to LAYLA s face. LAYLA goes down hard on her back. Michelle stands over LAYLA and says everyone knows I’m the star of team flawless. Your just the side kick. I should have been the one in this match I just by the one getting title shots. Not you your just a loser. As LAYLA gets to her knees. Michelle grabs her climbs to the top of the barricade ohhh my goodness faith BREAKER crushed LAYLA. LAYLA is motionless. Michelle stands over LAYLA and says Team flawless just became THE FLAWLESS ONE. AS SHE HOLDS UP BOTH OF HER HANDS. THE CROWD BOOING MICHELLE. AS THE CAMERA PANS backstage Candice Michelle is being interviewed by Charlie Caruso. She asked Candice what she thought of team flawless break up? Candice says that’s none of my business I’m just focused on summer SLAM and the fan favourite championship. Melina your reign is about to be over sweet cheeks. Courtesy of a candy wrapper from yours truly. Candice Michelle walks off as Melina watches from the hallway. Melina walks over to Charlie and said delusional b**** and walks away. 


9 thoughts on “Fan favourite championship number one CONTENDER s match Candice Michelle vs LAYLA

  1. I hope you are still planning on doing this match as it looks to be a great battle between two smoking hot contenders. By the way I’ve posted up a couple of matches in the last week if you’re interested.

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  2. Love the twist ending, setting up a LayCool feud. Your card for Summerslam is looking sweet. All of the matches look ace but I’m particularly interested to see what happens between Ivelisse and Catrina.

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      1. I’m hopeful that Trish retains over Paige, I think Candice becomes the new fan fave champ, Layla gets her payback over Michelle McCool and Catrina hands Ivelisse her first defeat. Lacey Von Erich we shall see.

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