Kelly Kelly vs eve Torres

Ding ding… Eve and Kelly Kelly hug and wish each other luck. Then they lock up. Eve gains control with a head lock and takes Kelly down. Kelly gets to the ropes quickly. Pulls herself out of the ring and smiles at EVE. Eve smiles back. Kelly gets on the apron and gets back in the ring. They lock up again. Eve goes behind Kelly hits a sweet SUPLEX. Eve kips up Kelly stumbles to her feet eve hits a sweet CLOTHESLINE and drills Kelly with a side Russian leg right a standing moonsault. Eve pins Kelly 1..2 kick out Kelly. Kelly gets to a sitting position just to be back on her back has a kick right to Kelly’s face. Eve climbs to the top rope waiting on Kelly to get to her feet flying cross body Kelly moves. Eve crashes to mat. Kelly gets to her feet eve on her knees k2 no eve moves as Kelly bumps on her butt. Eve pulls herself up kicks Kelly in the gut grabs Kelly by the neck heartbreak neck BREAKER takes Kelly Kelly down. Eve climbs to the top rope hits beautiful moonsault and hits Kelly Kelly perfectly. Eve hooks Kelly s leg 1..2..3.. Eve Torres beats the divas CHAMPION tonight relatively easily. Eve holds up the divas CHAMPIONSHIP this will be mine come SUMMER slam my bestie. 



13 thoughts on “Kelly Kelly vs eve Torres

  1. The correct result. Eve is far superior to Kelly Kelly in every single department, hugely underrated. I hope she does it again to become Divas champion and possibly proceeds to a nice little feud with Trish.

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